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Do Your Civic Duty

Decisions are made by those who show up. So go and cast your vote without delay. Our country’s future depends on you.


And as long as you are planning to vote, I’d like to put in a plug for the candidates who support those areas of science, technology, and education that will form the foundation of our future economy.

If you are in any doubt as to which candidates are looking towards the future, just visit these links that the American Association for the Advancement of Science has established to review the science and technology policies of each of the leading candidates.

Without making any specific plugs, let’s just say that the Republican party has not been kind to science in the last eight years, and it would be good for this country to realize significant revitalization in those areas. Vote for science and our future!

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Real Reasons

As someone who gives several presentations a week to groups ranging from elementary and high school students to company employees, through senior industry officials, venture capitalists and politicians, it’s not often that I hear or read a speech that gives me chills.

But this one almost made me cry in how effectively it captured the spirit of my personal dreams and ambitions and the motivations that drive me to build large companies that achieve global impact or work to change education on a national scale. It is a speech by Michael Griffin, the current head of NASA. I had the pleasure of meeting and dining with Mr. Griffin last week in Davos at the World Economic Forum, and I have to say that my first impression of the man was of a reserved yet competent administrator who has done a great job in wrangling a difficult government agency in a time of heady political distraction over the last few years.

But read this speech entitled “Space Exploration: Real Reasons and Acceptable Reasons,” and I think you will see the true seeds of greatness in the man. If I weren’t running MobiTV at the moment, I could almost be convinced to go back to NASA and work for Mr. Griffin.

Thanks for the pointer, Mike.


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