Active Matrix Organic LEDs Get Real

This is a watershed moment in consumer electronics! For decades now, LCD panel technology has dominated portable consumer electronics despite its need for power-hungry back-lights. The newer AM-OLEDs that are self-emmisive (requiring no back-light) have been in development since around the time I started MicroDisplay in 1995, with some early applications emerging over the last few years in tiny segmented character display applications like MP3 players.

Well today’s news held the first product announcements from Samsung and Philips/LG to show the new technology in active matrix formats that can display high quality video (albeit still in limited QVGA resolution.)

What will this mean for Joe-consumer? Well, our sexy gadgets are going to get even smaller, thinner [about half a MILLIMETER in thickness], and draw even less power than before (allowing the batteries to be smaller and thinner as well.) Oh yes, and the viewing angles and contrast [10,000:1] will be much better than for LCDs. Check out these images from


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