Weekend Robotics Projects

Don’t miss this week’s Make Magazine blog feature podcast on weekend starter robotics projects with pdf hardcopy support this week. It’s a great source for parts, kits, how-to videos and general tutorial resources. The kits and instructions are PERFECT for first-time electronics hackers and roboticist wanna-be types. The materials costs are modest and the projects can be completed and tested inside a few hours.




The article also includes a few links to some nice sources of parts (particularly the wonderful little pager motors)

and kits for those less inclined to scour the junk bins and create your own, Check out PagerMotors.com and Solarbotics.com.

The tiny kits follow in the fine tradition set by one of my old MIT acquaintances, Mark Tilden, who’s book entitled “Junkbots, Bugbots & Bots on Wheels” is the canonical must-read source on how to build disassemble all those old Sony Walkmen otherwise gathering dust in the junk drawer and use their component parts to build nifty little artificial critters. You can get Mark’s book here from Amazon.


Create your very own artificial creatures in a weekend? How cool is that?


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