Little Engines that Really Go!

I must confess that I’ve a great weakness for the very latest gadgetry of all sorts. My fascination with technological advance often outweighs my common sense, and then I usually end up owning the widget and have fiddled with it a few days before I ever get around to admitting that I’m unlikely to use it regularly because while pretty darn cool, it’s just not all that practical. But you know, it might just come in handy for some future project!

So to my wife’s ongoing dismay, my collection of electronics, tools, kits, parts, and assorted books seems inevitably to grow. (She was, however, warned in the spirit of fair disclosure concerning what is clearly a genetic trait when she saw my Dad’s workshop in Atlanta for the first time.)

Occasionally, I am vindicated when some household repair project becomes a 30 second exercise because I happen to have the right tool at hand. But my real heroes are those folks who can use whatever is lying around to do wondrous things, and I think I have a new idol.

The Make blog just posted a story about a fellow named Iqbal Ahmend, a machinist for hire in Nagpur India. For any of you inclined to pine for the latest numerically controlled gadgetry, check out his workshop.

And now check out the incredibly cool WORKING engines he makes using just his one ancient lathe!

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A Complete 4-cylinder Engine
3 different sizes of a Victoria Engine.
The smallest of the three Victorias.

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A “Mary” beam engine from the 19th century
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A small vertical engine complete with boiler.
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A very nice image of the Victoria engine and boiler.

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Iqbal’s World Record-holding 1.72 gramm working steam engine

So now, I’m looking to see if he will sell any of them, or better yet, share some of his lathe secrets!



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4 responses to “Little Engines that Really Go!

  1. Milana's Dad

    i want to see it when you get it

  2. Liberal Wife

    Where is the spot on the Y gene for a boy’s affection for trains? It seems, somehow, like it should stand separate from gadgetry.

  3. Anonymous

    That’s not a 4-cylinder engine, that’s a little lathe…

  4. Gregor

    I too agree that the most intricate of the machines pictures is a lathe (perhaps a miniature of his own). Iqbal is a true master.

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